Gary, Till & Burlingham Law Partnership

Personal, Principled, Experienced Counsel

For over 40 years, Gary, Till & Burlingham has provided caring and experienced legal counsel and service in Family, Business, Injury and Estate Planning matters to clients in the greater Sacramento area and throughout Northern California.

We understand the trauma of conflict and endeavor to reach the best result for you without escalation of tensions; however, we do not hesitate to take a conflict to court when mediation, collaboration or negotiation fails.

We can put your concern into a legal context and help you decide and pursue the most appropriate means of resolving your problem. We welcome your phone call to set an appointment for a consultation.


1) Wise Use of Client Resources -- so we work with you to identify obsticles and establish a plan. 

2) Your Peace of Mind -- so we return your communications promptly and keep you informed about your case. 

3) Principled Advocacy -- so we will represent you consistent with shared values. 

4) Legal Excellence -- so you have the best working for you. 

5) Treating You With Respect, Courtesy and Kindness.


Gary, Till & Burlingham Law Partnership
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